Sensodyne Gentle Whitening 110g
Sensodyne Gentle Whitening 110g
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Sensodyne Gentle Whitening

Sensitivity, a common problem experienced by adults of all ages, is a short sharp pain often activated by heat, cold, acids, sweets or brushing. It is usually caused when gums recede and expose the dentine, which has the channels to the nerves that cause the pain.

Sensodyne works in two ways to keep sensitive teeth pain free and gums healthy.
-Builds a barrier against the pain of senitivity,
-Helps reduce plaque and kill the germs that cause early gum disease. Gum disease may lead to receding gums - a common cause of sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne Gentle Whitening with fluoride provides pain relief and maximum cavity protection while the deep cleansing formula naturally polishes to remove stains and gently whiten your teeth.
Use Sensodyne twice daily as your regular toothpaste to build and maintain the protective barrier against the pain.

Its minty flavour leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Regular brushing with Sensodyne, and flossing, maintains healthy teeth and gums.

If pain persists, see your dentist.

For children under 12 years of age, see your dentist before use.
Product ID: 40608
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